Eurodigital Cluster

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We intend to regroup excellent clusters with complementary expertise in creative industries digital transition and “web 4.0” industries to promote the European position in all sectors affected by the transition to digital (including new media and internet of things).
Our vision is based on studies achieved by the Eurotransmedia European project funded by the E.C. under grant agreement n° 319964.

Eurotransmedia Vision Document

Eurotransmedia questions the challenges the media industry will have to face till 2030 and beyond.
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Eurotransmedia Strategic Agenda

The key players of the transmedia industry have to face three main challenges to adapt to the evolution of media in terms of financing and production, consumption habits, and audience expectations. We therefore propose to structure the potential of research in the field of transmedia in three sections: artistic, technological, and business challenges. Each section will deal with several sub-sections, such as human resources, the audience, technological tools, production and financing, transmedia language, and the social and economic impacts of the transmedia use.
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Eurotransmedia White paper

For thirty years, three phenomena have deeply shocked the media and cultural industries: the dematerialization of content, modification of consumption practices, and the advent of digital convergence. The deployment of the Internet and the liberalization of telecommunication networks have contributed to the proliferation of distribution channels, distribution and content access.
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